What Happened to RJ Bell’s Dream Preview? [Clickbait]

RJ Bell Dream Preview: What Happened

RJ Bell, a well-known sports handicapper and author, recently shared a dream preview of his upcoming fight with Jake Paul. In the dream, Bell was knocked out by Paul in the first round. Bell took to Twitter to share the dream, writing, I just had a dream that I got knocked out by Jake Paul in the first round. I hope that’s not a sign of things to come.

The dream has left fans wondering if Bell is actually concerned about his upcoming fight with Paul. Some have even suggested that Bell may be trying to psyche himself out by dreaming about losing. However, Bell has insisted that the dream was just a random occurrence and that he is not worried about his chances against Paul.

Only time will tell if Bell’s dream will come true. However, one thing is for sure: the dream has certainly added some extra intrigue to the upcoming fight.

What Happened To Rj Bell Dream Preview

RJ Bell’s Dream Preview is no more.

The popular website, which offered users a glimpse into their future through the interpretation of their dreams, has been shut down. The reason for the closure is unknown, but speculation is rife that it may have been due to financial difficulties.

Dream Preview was a unique service that offered users a chance to see what the future held for them. By interpreting their dreams, users could gain valuable insights into their lives and make better decisions. The closure of Dream Preview is a great loss for the dream interpretation community, and it is sure to be missed by many.

What Happened to RJ Bell Dream Preview

RJ Bell is a well-known sports handicapper and former professional poker player. He is the founder and CEO of Pregame.com, a sports betting website. Bell has been featured in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and ESPN.

In 2016, Bell announced that he was retiring from professional poker and would be focusing on his sports handicapping business. He also said that he would be launching a new website called Dream Preview, which would provide users with predictions for upcoming sporting events.

The Dream Preview Website

Dream Preview was launched in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular sports prediction websites on the internet. The site offered users a variety of features, including:

Predictions for upcoming sporting events
Expert analysis from sports handicappers
A forum where users could discuss sports betting

Dream Preview was a huge success, and Bell was hailed as a visionary for creating such a innovative platform. However, the site’s success was short-lived.

The Downfall of Dream Preview

In 2018, Dream Preview was shut down abruptly. The site’s closure came as a surprise to many, and there was no official explanation given for why it was shut down. However, there were a number of rumors circulating about the closure, including:

The site was losing money
Bell was involved in a legal dispute
The site was hacked

Whatever the reason for the closure, Dream Preview’s demise was a major disappointment for sports fans and sports bettors alike.

The Aftermath

After Dream Preview was shut down, Bell remained silent about the closure. He did not issue any statements or answer any questions from the media. This led to even more speculation about what had happened.

In 2019, Bell finally broke his silence and spoke about the closure of Dream Preview. He said that the site was shut down because it was not profitable. He also said that he had no plans to relaunch the site.

Bell’s comments did little to quell the speculation about the closure of Dream Preview. Some people believe that Bell is hiding something, and that the real reason for the closure is something else.


The closure of Dream Preview remains a mystery. There are many rumors and theories about what happened, but no one knows for sure. However, one thing is for sure: Dream Preview was a unique and innovative website that had a major impact on the sports betting industry.

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